Indoor plants can style and add measurably to the quality of indoor air while improving your mood.
Indoor plants can style and add measurably to the quality of indoor air while improving your mood. Photo Temple Webster

Plants are nature’s perfect decoration

ONE of the hottest trends right now is all about getting closer to nature and bringing the outdoors in. It's about blurring the lines of our living spaces and is perfect for our temperate climate and our penchant for outdoor living.

While there are decorative pieces that celebrate all things botanical, plants are nature's perfect decoration. Adding a focus, colour and organic structure to any room, potted indoor plants are great for your mental and physical health, improving air quality and making us feel better and more alive.

To successfully achieve the look, it isn't necessary to turn your home into a hothouse. Rather, a few well-placed, happy looking plants can contribute to the natural style and feel of any room, whether it's filled with vintage clutter or minimalist furnishings.

The trick is to keep the look lush and healthy, with beautiful shades of greens and a variety of textures. Start with the knowledge that you need plants that can successfully adapt to surviving indoors, so consult an expert or a green-thumbed friend.

From terrariums, macrame hanging pots, artificial plants and vertical indoor gardens, it's now easier than ever to find a green solution to your indoor space. Terrariums are easy and fun to create - just convert a funky glass vessel and build a tiny garden inside with your favourite plants. Larger indoor plants can create a dramatic effect, while macrame hangers are totally hip and widely available in stores.

If you do choose to use natural plants indoors, be sure to consider the light, climate and watering the plant will require to thrive. Artificial plants are also a great option now more than ever as they are increasingly becoming more lifelike, more attractive - and more expensive.