PM outlines road back for sport

Swimmers back in the pool, golfers back on the green - the return of community sport has become more clear after national cabinet's meeting in Canberra on Friday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison outlined the three-step framework for a COVIDsafe Australia after meeting with national cabinet, with increased gathering rules through the stages and the potential for 850,000 jobs to be restored to the economy in July.

The good news for many organised sports is the increase in the number of people allowed to gather outdoors, which could allow small groups to restart training in the very near future.

Far North swimmers, like young star Tara Olds, could be back in the pool in the very near future. PICTURE: BRENDAN RADKE
Far North swimmers, like young star Tara Olds, could be back in the pool in the very near future. PICTURE: BRENDAN RADKE

In step 1, gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed, opening the door for small group training and outdoor bootcamps to occur.

Mr Morrison and Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy addressed community sport during the post-meeting press conference, with step 1 allowing for small group training.

Dr Murphy said that some competitions may be able to return at step 2, provided they abide by gathering limits.


Those gathering limits increase to 20 people in step 2, which will likely include organised community sport, though greater definition will be provided with time.

The Prime Minister said last week the national cabinet had endorsed the Australian Institute of Sport's framework, which outlined how each sport would be able to proceed in their own three-step plan.

It allows for progressively increased numbers of training groups, from individual training to groups of less than 10 and ultimately, whole teams.

Mr Morrison stressed the national framework would be driven by the states, with timing and the size of gatherings in certain locations determined by the Premiers and Health Ministers.

He also said the speed of progression through the three stages depended on three criteria: testing, tracing and tracking.

Community sport will also be directed by the state federation and governing bodies, most of whom have suspended activities to various dates in June and July.

It shifts the sport community's focus to Brisbane.

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