Pokemon GO players warned of $22,000 fines

POKEMON Go players might be desperate to catch that Level 3000 Mewtwo but the NSW Justice Department has warned of heavy fines and even jail await those who take the hunt too far.

Aspiring PokeMasters have been warned courts take a dim view of their hobby infringing on normal courthouse rules.

"Going to court is not a game: Pokemon Go trainers should look elsewhere for digital critters," the department posted on Twitter.

"You do not need to step inside a courthouse to find Pokemon.

"A reminder that the use of recording devices in NSW Courts is prohibited under the Court security act 2005 - section 9 - and carries a $22,000 fine or imprisonment for 12 months (or both).

"Stay safe and catch 'em all!"

NSW Police joined the action, posting a photo on Twitter of two cars whose drivers were detected using the game to hunt down monsters within an hour.

"What do you get when you mix driving and Pokemon Go? $325 and four demerit points," they wrote.

The phenomenon has been causing problems all over the world.

Disgruntled residents of Sydney suburb Rhodes have complained about, and allegedly thrown water bombs at, hundreds of Pokemon Go players loudly congregating in a park near their homes after midnight.

Eventually, police threatened players with loitering fines if they did not move on.

Administrators of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC have also complained after images were shared of someone catching a Koffing - a poison gas-type Pokemon with a skull and crossbones on its stomach - in the memorial. -ARM NEWSDESK