Proposed race circuit for Wellcamp Airport
Proposed race circuit for Wellcamp Airport

Pole position for city's V8 track to be a reality

TOOWOOMBA'S dream of hosting the V8 Supercars is back on track as calls for government funding fire up ahead of the looming state election.

Dusting off the $40 million project which has languished on priority development lists for at least three years, Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise says the recent tourism infrastructure push and election put the project in pole position for support.

The 450-hectare facility near Wellcamp airport, with a 4.35km V8 Supercar track designed by racing legends Mark Skaife and Mick Doohan, needs government support and funding to get it off the ground, TSBE executive chairman Shane Charles said.

"It's such an important tourist facility and if we get more than 140,000 people to town every year, it's going to be a great boon for the economy," he said.

"There is an (memorandum of understanding) signed with the V8 Supercars so once the track is built, we are certain we will get an event in town.

"Mark Skaife calls it a mini Bathurst just in terms of the topography, the way the track is set out, so (drivers) are really excited about how this track can grow.

Mr Charles said the recent push to fund vital tourism infrastructure projects in Toowoomba, as well as the looming state election, was the catalyst behind the call for government support.

"We're catering for up to 30,000 people potentially camping at the venue so it does open it up to other events such as festivals and those types of things," he said.

"But just having a tourism facility in town that will draw people back into the region again means lots of dollars.

"And it's no surprise we're in the lead up to an election which is why we're really calling on both sides to get behind this project.

"We've got drivers like Will Power who come from this region; imagine if we had great infrastructure to be able to make sure that talent can grow."

The facility has the support of Sports Darling Downs president Mick Smith, and G and W Racing.

It's the second major tourism project to receive a renewed push for development alongside the Quarry Gardens, which is also on TSBE's priority infrastructure list.

"Quarry Gardens is something we're adamant should be built," Mr Charles said.

"Tourism infrastructure is lacking in this region (and) Quarry Gardens will be an outstanding project, and we're really calling on both sides of government to fund the business case for that."

Mr Charles said the park's proximity to Wellcamp airport could also tap into international markets including China.

What you said online:

Belinda Gilbert

If I had the money (or somehow won lotto) I would totally support it. You only have to see the crowds at Willowbank's tracks to know it would be successful. Marketed and built right, it would be fantastic!!

Justin Child

For local tourism especially after the bypass is built this would be a benefit to Toowoomba and the surrounding areas.

Tim Perrin

Would be awesome. They should put something out there for the drag cars as well.

Jay Dubbo

Great idea!! And run events like other race tracks do so ordinary people can run there. Plenty of motorsport enthusiasts in this town.

Liddy Williams

That would be so awesome to have the V8s that close.

Tony Reinke

Government put enough money into other sport so about time the give a bit for motor sport.

Steve Beh

I would like to see it happen but i don't think it will happen.

Graeme Thrupp

Those that want it , dig deep In their pockets and not burden the government of the day.