Police probe after car crushes elderly woman


A SUBURBAN tragedy has unfolded during a Cairns street's early morning hush after an elderly woman was crushed to death under a vehicle.

Police set up roadblocks covering a long stretch of Birch St in Manunda yesterday after receiving triple-0 calls about 5am.

Paramedics, firefighters and police rushed to the scene but were unable to revive the woman, in her 70s.

The forensic crash unit established a crime scene to isolate the site from the general public but had returned to normal duties by 11am.

The Cairns Post understands police believe the woman's death was an accident, with the car simply rolling over her and pinning her to the sloped driveway.

A spokesman for Queensland Police said there were no suspicious circumstances involved in the case.

"Police will prepare a report for the coroner," he said.

"As the incident occurred on a private property it will not form part of the road toll."

In a cruel coincidence, yesterday's death was just around the corner from Hunt St where an unsupervised learner driver ran over and killed Lee James while he was sleeping on a driveway in December.