Traffic build up after an accident on the Bruce Highway.
Traffic build up after an accident on the Bruce Highway. Warren Lynam

Police to crack down on speed

POLICE are warning motorists to expect long Bruce Hwy delays as revellers begin to stream back south following New Year celebrations.

Superintendent Darryl Johnson said police would be out in force with the focus firmly back on road safety with RBT and drug testing units deployed and officers monitoring driver speed.

He said there was real concern about speed with drivers clocked upward of 170kmh over the holiday period.

While there was some increased highway movement yesterday Superintendent Johnson was expecting the bulk of holiday traffic to be on the road heading south today.

"People need to be aware we are out in force," he said. "Police will be visible but we will also have unmarked cars to detect those travelling at speed.

"Luckily we have not seen any serious accidents so far this holidays.

"But we have seen some ridiculous speeds from both cars and motor bikes.

"It will be something we concentrate on during the early part of this year. I find it abhorrent that some drivers are prepared to risk not only their lives but those of others.

"Everyone should be aware of the consequences that can flow."

Superintendent Johnson has urged motorists travelling back to Brisbane today to not get frustrated and to expect the journey home to take twice as long as usual.

"The traffic delays are going to be quite severe," he said. "We all know it's going to take some time and motorists need to prepare for a longer journey."

Police have been heavily rostered during the Christmas-New Year break with sufficient officers available to cover both the highway and roads throughout the Sunshine Coast Police district.