Police try to revoke bail of alleged looter

A MAN charged with looting and other offences at the Royal Hotel during the Australia Day weekend floods had a police application to revoke his bail quashed in Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday.

The court heard Nathan John Caulfield, 25, of Chatsworth had interfered with a witness to the alleged January 28 offences.

Caulfield was charged with committing several offences on January 28, including stealing by looting, trespassing, wilfully destroying a fire extinguisher and committing a high risk activity by swimming in floodwater.

While Magistrate Maxine Baldwin did not revoke Caulfield's bail, she did stress the need for witnesses to feel safe.

The defence explained that the names of the witnesses were not listed and therefore Caulfield was "oblivious" to their identities.

Caulfield's bail conditions were reviewed and changed to prevent him from attending the Royal Hotel and from contacting any of the witnesses, employees or co-offenders.

He will face court again on May 20.