TALKING TOUGH: Glenn Lazarus with new Wide Bay candidate Jannean Dean.
TALKING TOUGH: Glenn Lazarus with new Wide Bay candidate Jannean Dean. Renee Albrecht

POLITICS: Jannean Dean joins the Glenn Lazarus Team

PASSION, it's said, is one of the traits needed to be a politician, and passion is something Hervey Bay's Jannean Dean, has.

The 51-year-old Hervey Bay resident is contesting the federal election as the Wide Bay candidate for the Glenn Lazarus Team, with the campaign launched at the Gympie RSL yesterday.

"Jannean is an active member of the Wide Bay community who has contributed significantly in voluntary roles across the region, as well as playing a strong role in being a vocal advocate for the region," Mr Lazarus said.

Ms Dean's political career began about 18 months ago. She was diagnosed as "legally blind" in 2009 following a car accident, learning Braille and other systems to adapt.

After several surgeries, she is still "visually impaired" but says the experience was a trigger for her interest in politics.

Other triggers were her when her only child, son David, aged 26, was forced to move to Melbourne to find work and a close friend's daughter becoming involved in drugs.

"Unemployment and drug abuse - along with the many other issues affecting our communities ... health, rising cost of living, lack of infrastructure, what's happening on the land and farming, aged care and of course, education ... are of concern to all Queens- landers, Ms Dean said.

"For too long, our state has been held at the mercy of the two-party system - with people not being listened to,"she said.

"We need to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps in these tough times, stand tall and vote in a strong team - Glenn Lazarus Team.

"It is clearly time for Queenslanders to step up and change the political landscape, so let's make this happen here in Wide Bay.

"If I have to get a bit radical and bold about a few decisions, then so be it.

"No battle was ever won without a great deal of courage and I know that the GLT have it in spades.

"I walk the talk. I serve the people.

"I'm concerned at what legacy we're leaving our children and our children's children.

"Money is being put into infrastructure and it's leading nowhere. We're getting deeper into debt and who is paying for that. We are, with more tax, more GST and all the while, the rich get richer.

"Right now, we have the best-educated dole queues in the world.

"I want new innovative development, new industry, biodiversity, renewables, we need to be focused on what's right for the future.

"I have no faith in Labor or LNP. They have undelivered to the Wide Bay.

" Look at Gympie. Queensland was saved because of Gympie's gold. And what has Gympie gained from that? - 10% youth unemployment here, that's one in five don't have a job. Is that how the area is rewarded? I want people to look at that.


Ms Dean grew up Morewell, in Gippsland, Victoria, "right in the

middle of biggest brown

coal mine in Australia",

she said.


She has worked in management in various government departments, has run her own business, had a real estate licence,

and has nearly completed studying a Diploma of Counselling.