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Poll reveals LNP popularity in doubt following 2012 election

SATURDAY'S election result has taken many people by surprise but APN figures have shown former Premier Campbell Newman's popularity started dwindling only five months after being elected in 2012.

An APN poll conducted five months after the LNP took over governing Queensland showed 65% of people thought the Newman government had performed below expectations.

Almost 6000 people took part in the survey and of them, 46% of the people who had voted for the LNP in the 2012 election thought the party's performance within the first five months in office was worse than expected.

Mr Newman said at the time he was committed to doing "what's right for Queensland".

He also urged the state to "be patient" and "bear with us while we make these tough decisions to sort out the mess left by Labor".

Former Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, who stood down from LNP leadership on Monday, said he would reflect on what went wrong during their term in government for a long time.

Referring to Mr Newman, he said bringing in a leader and associated staff over from local government into the state government sphere was "something of an experiment".

"... I think we underestimated the challenge of bringing not just the Premier but all of his associated staff and senior advisers into a situation where they weren't familiar with the accepted norms and they weren't familiar with the processes," Mr Seeney said.

- APN Newsdesk