The Dingoe Creek Vineyard has reopened after a four year hiatus under the new ownership of Doug and Michelle Tritton.
The Dingoe Creek Vineyard has reopened after a four year hiatus under the new ownership of Doug and Michelle Tritton. Scott Kovacevic

Reopen: Popular Gympie venue returns after four year closure

Popular Gympie venue reopens after four year hiatus: Closed for four years, a once popular Gympie venue has reopened - bigger and better.


WINERIES are legendary for producing historic vintages, but Doug and Michelle Tritton have found another type of crop which is just as memorable.

For the new owners of the newly reopened Dingo Creek Vineyard, it is the people who continue to draw them back to hospitality time and time again.

"I find it awesome, they're friendly, they're happy, they're good people," Mr Tritton said.

And their move from Brisbane has taken a good thing and made it even better.

"In the city they walk straight past you.

"Here they wave and smile. They're very friendly people," he said.

While the pair share backgrounds in hospitality, with several restaurants to their name, Mrs Tritton said for her it had been "a surprise career".

They moved to the region for what Mr Tritton called "the classic tree change", but the difference was soon found in more than their lifestyle.

It had filtered over to business as well, Mr Tritton said, with the Traveston winery offering them a new environment to cater in, free of smog and pollution and "the taste of lead in the air".

It was also a move which came with no regrets.

"(It's) awesome," Mr Tritton said.

"Fresh air, nice water, nice people. Couldn't be better."

Even the job itself had brought its own unique pleasures to their lives, Mrs Tritton said, sometimes found in unlikely places.

"One thing I enjoy is pruning the vines," she said.

"It's nice. You get to watch the vines, watch them grow. It's very relaxing and good for the soul."

As it was a popular vineyard before it shut the Trittons said there had been no shortage of people eager to find out what was in store for the venue.

"The guy two doors down came straight up," Mrs Tritton said.

Although they bought it more than four years ago, they had not been idle.

Along with giving the vineyard a huge overhaul, they also had to grow used to managing their harvest.

"We have to grow the grapes. We have to make sure that they work."

And they're not done yet, with plans for expansion and connecting with other local businesses also growing on the grapevine of their future.