Popular solar making old energy more expensive

HOUSEHOLDS could see a $240 spike in their annual electricity bills to pay for rooftop solar panel systems in Queensland.

The Queensland Competition Authority projections show the upward growth of the Solar Bonus Scheme, which will peak in 2015/16 at $240 or more than 12% of an annual average electricity bill.

The QCA found the Solar Bonus Scheme currently added $26 to every annual household electricity bill.

As a result of capital and administration costs, the Solar Bonus Scheme will cost Ergon and Energex $670 million by 2015, Energy Minister Mark McArdle said.

Mr McArdle said he had been advised the Solar Feed in Tariff paid by Energex in September 2012 had rocketed to $13m from around $10m in August.

"This cost is passed through to all households in the form of higher network charges which just adds to the burden of this scheme," he said.

Earlier this year, the State Government reduced the feed-in tariff for solar panel users from 44 cents to 8 cents per kilowatt hour for solar systems bought after July 9.

The QCA is reviewing the solar feed in tariff.