Power bills soar as we search for a way to beat the heat

AIR conditioning use is soaring as high temperatures have people scrambling to cool down.

Ergon Energy spokesman Paul Ryan said air conditioners could consume large amounts of electricity and make up a significant part of the quarterly power bill.

"Air conditioning can account for up to 40% of many homes' electricity bills each summer and Ergon Energy is urging its customers to think smart to save money to avoid high bills," he said.

"Constant use of air conditioning could lead to an unexpected quick jump in energy bills."

Keeping cool could be expensive, but with a little smart thinking, Mr Ryan said customers could save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

"We urge our customers to set their air conditioners to an energy efficient 25 degrees and use fans to circulate cool air - they'll help your air conditioner distribute cool air to where it's needed," he said.

"Turn your air conditioner off when you're out.

"Close doors and windows in areas you want to cool to help keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

"Importantly, consider using a fan instead.

"If the weather allows, open your home to create cross breezes and use ceiling fans to keep cool.

"They are simple solutions, but they work and can keep homes cool and make a significant difference to customers' electricity bills," he said.

For more tips visit http://www.ergon.com.au.