ONE NATION: Chelle Dobson
ONE NATION: Chelle Dobson Rowan Schindler

'Power to the people (at 20% off)': One Nation

A ONE Nation balance of power for Queensland would lead to major household savings in another kind of power altogether, according to the party's Gympie candidate Chelle Dobson.

Mrs Dobson this week pledged a 20% power price cut.

And she promised this would be achieved by the political power she believes One Nation will wield in the next Queensland Government.

One Nation would "hold government to account,” she said.

In a promise of "power to the people” (in both senses of the word), she said a One Nation balance of power would "hold government to account.”

"People have repeatedly said they want change in how Queensland's political leadership governs,” she said.

"The people of Gympie want change from the two old parties, Labor and LNP, just like a game of tennis but now they appear to be playing for the same team.”

She says people are telling her "only One Nation listens to everyday people.”

She promised cuts in payroll tax and "red and green tape.” boosted road funds, farmer friendly vegetation management, an international shooting complex and a flood free Gympie bridge to help fuel job and economic growth, she said.