Praying for rain in Gympie, literally

HEADS bowed in prayer at The Pavilion as pastor Dean Comerford spoke specifically of the Gympie region's need for rain.

"It's really starting to hurt," he said of the big dry in a prayer on behalf of those at the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast, Gympie and others in drought-stricken country.

"We ask for significant rain," he prayed.

"And by significant we mean the kind that fills our dams...feeds our stock.

"Not flooding rain."

With more and more of the Gympie region feeling the impacts of long-spanning dry weather, the pastor stressed the growing need for wet weather.

His prayer asked that recent drought relief funding reach those who need it most.

Mr Comerford extended his words to people who depend on rainfall for their business and livelihood, as well as the devastation currently felt in the driest of places as drought takes a tight and stressful grip on Queensland farmers.