WELCOME RETURN: Debora Robinson with  Smeagol who had been missing for six months.
WELCOME RETURN: Debora Robinson with Smeagol who had been missing for six months.

Cat reunited with owner, six months after going missing

AFTER fearing she would never see her cat Smeagol again, it was by chance that Debora Robinson was reunited with her "beautiful boy", six months after he went missing.

Ms Robinson had owned Smeagol and his brother Gollum for eight years.

But six months ago Smeagol escaped when he chased another cat, and never returned.

"I tried the pound and the council for months but I'd honestly thought he'd gone for good," Debora said.

After moving houses, four and a half months after Smeagol went missing, Debora said she wanted to find a new cat to keep Gollum company.

"He was fretting, so once we settled in I had a look for a mate for him," she said.

"I was looking at the rescue animal website when my beautiful boy popped up.

"They'd named him Sammy, but it was my Smeagol."

It was then Debora learned she had not updated the address on Smeagol's microchip.

"I had them microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed as kittens," she said.

"But changing the details on their microchips was one of the things that slipped through the cracks when I moved."

President of the Gladstone Animal Rescue Group Judy Whicker said Smeagol arrived in early October.

"All the efforts to contact Debora failed because the information on his microchip hadn't been updated," Mrs Whicker said.

"It had four phone numbers on it, but they'd all been disconnected."

Mrs Whicker said the group were delighted to hand him back to Ms Robinson.

"We love happy endings," she said.

"Although it just goes to show how important it is to keep your pet's microchip details up to date.

"It's appalling how many animals are put down due to wrong, or old, contact details being put on the microchip."

Ms Robinson said she had made sure her current contact details were up to date on Smeagol and Gollum's microchips.