A man banned from stepping foot near a home was filmed inside it.
A man banned from stepping foot near a home was filmed inside it. Contributed

Predator banned from home busted in pregnant woman's bed

AN "extremely abusive man" who poses a threat to women and children was jailed after he was filmed inside his pregnant partner's home after a court had ordered he stay 100m away.

Police prosecutor David Bradley told the court the Sunshine Coast businessman's criminal history read like a "regional tour of the eastern seaboard" with convictions in Victoria, New South Wales and most recently Queensland.

The court heard the man, who cannot be identified to protect his current and past victims, had met his most recent partner online and moved into her Sunshine Coast home two days later.

Snr Sgt Bradley said the latest charges arose when the woman's mother saw the man inside the home in recent days, making toast and lying in the bed.

The mother filmed the man and handed the evidence over to police, who charged him with two breaches of bail.

The man pleaded guilty to the breaches when he appeared in custody before Maroochydore Magistrates Court today.

Snr Sgt Bradley said the defendant had a long history of breaching court orders and pushed for prison time on his latest offences.

He told the court the man had been convicted of crimes against a child after he impregnated an under-age teenage girl when he was aged 22.

Snr Sgt Bradley said the man then stalked and threatened to kill her, and later represented himself as a police officer to "maintain his power and control" over her.

He told the court the man then impregnated another young woman in 2014, after he had moved to Queensland, and was later sentenced for stalking, threats and breaching orders in relation to that woman.

Snr Sgt Bradley told the court of numerous other breaches of court orders made to protect his vulnerable victims, and that the defendant was a reportable offender who had repeatedly failed his obligations.

Defence lawyer Stephen Brough told the court on this occasion his client had been "confused" over his bail conditions, which stated he not enter within 100m of the home, or 50m of the victim's work or other potential residences.

Mr Brough told the court the man had written consent from his victim to contact her, which she gave on July 13.

Mr Brough said fines were an appropriate sentence.

Magistrate Rod Madsen rejected this, and said jail was the only just option.

"If I had my way it would have been longer than one month cumulative," he said, referring to the prosecution's submission.

"The maximum is 12 months.

"He says he and his affairs are more important than what society expects of him."

Magistrate Madsen dealt a total two-month sentence, with parole release on Monday when the man is due to front court on further matters.