Pregnant woman lied to police to escape driving charges

A HEAVILY pregnant learner driver who was charged with five driving offences told police who pulled her over she was driving herself to hospital because she had experienced some medical complaints that morning.

Police even called an ambulance for Cassandra Lee Dee Walden-Bowman when they pulled her over on the Capricorn Hwy on February 8.

But when she was cleared of any medical emergencies she admitted her story was false, and she was actually driving herself and her partner from Fairybower to Rockhampton to get a lift to a medical appointment.

On Monday in Rockhampton's Magistrate's Court Walden-Bowman pleaded guilty to five driving-related charges, including driving unlicenced, unregistered and uninsured.

The court heard at 9am on February 8 Walden-Bowman was pulled over and asked to produce her learners licence, which police found to be expired and demerit points suspended.

Her registration had also been auto-cancelled in October 2014, and she had failed to notify Queensland Transport that she moved from Gracemere to Rockhampton in November 2015.

Walden-Bowman told Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll she had no phone to call anyone, and later that day her water broke and she was admitted to hospital.

She was fined a total of $1505 and disqualified from driving for six months.