Queensland Premier Campbell Newman
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman Kari Bourne

Premier Newman's massive pay-out to Labor public servant

FORMER Labor leader Anna Bligh's top public servant was paid $525,000 by Premier Campbell Newman to leave the office in May this year.

The former head of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, John Bradley, rose to the top job in May 2011 after a stint as Director-General of the then-Department of Natural Resources.

Mr Bradley was previously a senior bureaucrat in the Beattie Government and also worked in the West Australian public service.

The pay-out for the senior public servant came on top of a base salary of $411,000 for the 2011-12 year, bringing his total remuneration for the year to $1,016,000.

The annual report from the Department of Premier and Cabinet revealed the payout paved the way for Mr Newman to replace Mr Bradley with known Liberal party loyalist Jon Grayson.

Appointed in late March, Mr Grayson was paid $187,000 by the state government for just over three months work, as part of an annual salary believed of some $650,000.

The annual report, tabled in state parliament on Monday, also revealed former Associate Director-General of the DPC, Bronwen Griffiths, was paid $367,000 to leave.

Ms Griffiths payout was on top of her base salary of $285,000, with a total remuneration for 2011-12 of $695,000.

The report revealed the Newman Government spent a total of $940,000 to clean ranks at the senior executive level in the DPC.