Premier says ‘travel bubble’ unlikely

A TRAVEL bubble between Queensland and other states and territories now appears unlikely, with Annastacia Palaszczuk claiming the Prime Minister didn't want that to happen.

The Premier today said she had not spoken to other states or territories about that scenario, while repeating authorities would reassess border restrictions at the end of the month.

Citing the 17 new cases of COVID-19 in Victoria, the Premier said there was significant concern about community transmission.

"What we are concerned about, legitimately, Queenslanders are stopping me about it, they are concerned about the community transmission in Victoria," she said.

The Premier did not say whether an increase in cases in Victoria was making Queensland's potential July 10 border date less likely.

"There is significant concern about the community transmission," she said.

"People do not want a second wave here in Queensland."

Growing questions about when Queensland's borders will reopen come as stadiums prepare to welcome back up to 10,000 people this weekend.

Asked why large crowds were allowed back at the footy and not at funerals or weddings, the Premier cited the social distancing that was manageable at a stadium because of seating.

"The issue at funerals and weddings is there is a lot of social interaction between people and they have seen instances in the past in other countries where it has led to community transmission," she said.

Ms Palaszczuk urged everyone to not become complacent and practice social distancing.

Earlier today, Deputy Premier Steven Miles said based on advice he had received an outbreak of coronavirus in Victoria could go "either of two ways".

"This could be the beginning of another wave and that of course would be very concerning," he said.

"Or if the Victorian health authorities are successful, and I really hope they are, that they could suppress these outbreaks (and) return back to a state of suppression."

Deputy Premier Steven Miles says there are only two active cases of coronavirus in Queensland. Picture: Glenn Hunt
Deputy Premier Steven Miles says there are only two active cases of coronavirus in Queensland. Picture: Glenn Hunt

Mr Miles believes Victoria will get on top of the outbreak, saying it was important for the whole country to suppress the virus.

"It's now the case that anyone who travels through greater Melbourne and returns to Queensland will be required to quarantine for 14 days," he said.

"That's regardless of the purpose or their residency status.

"That's a layer above our border restrictions."

Mr Miles said the Chief Health Officer had briefed the Government about her concerns with the spike of coronavirus cases in Victoria.

"Victoria has those local outbreaks," he said. "We really want them to get on top of those local outbreaks."

Mr Miles said the Government was pleased with the trial of crowds at football matches over the weekend, which meant there will be bigger crowds this weekend.

"Each of our stadiums have put together COVID-safe plans," he said.

Mr Miles also suggested that the number of people allowed at weddings could increase when the next stage of restrictions are eased.

"But we know weddings tend to be high risk events," Mr Miles said.

Mr Miles' comments come after he announced Queensland had again recorded no new cases of coronavirus overnight, with only two cases still active.

Both of those are located on the Gold Coast.