Scott Morrison on the proposed fast train.
Scott Morrison on the proposed fast train.

PM praises big ideas around fast rail

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison has praised the vision of mayors for a fast rail network for southeast Queensland.

However, the PM said there was a lot of work to do before he would consider supporting it.

While he praised southeast Queensland mayors for thinking big, Mr Morrison said the proposal did not have a business case and there were questions about its viability.

"I love vision. I love it when people have big ideas and there is no shortage of big ideas whether it is here on the Gold Coast or anywhere else around the country," Mr Morrison said.

"But those big ideas and those visions have to get translated into something workable.

"I think there is a lot more work to do on those projects before they sort of get on the table for consideration by the federal government."

The Prime Minister made the comments as he visited the Gold Coast to promote a deal for Hollywood blockbuster Godzilla v Kong to be shot in Queensland.

He said the federal government's infrastructure focus for the region was on Gold Coast light rail and upgrades to the M1.

And while he welcomed the idea from the mayors he also urged them to pay attention to residents' immediate needs.

"I commend them for the initiative and having a big vision about southeast Queensland," he said. "But don't forget the rates, the roads and rubbish."