Bodhi James Barry Johnson has been arrested after nearly a week on the run.
Bodhi James Barry Johnson has been arrested after nearly a week on the run.

Prison escapee arrested by police after a week on the run

A MAN who escaped from the Townsville prison farm has been arrested by police after allegedly running from a stolen car that caused havoc across the city.

Police confirmed the man, Bodhi James Barry Johnson, was taken into custody after a group fled from a stolen car they dumped at the Mater Hospital just before 12.30pm.

Several stolen vehicles have been reported as driving dangerously across Townsville streets today.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said a stolen vehicle that was driving dangerously crashed at Woolcock St, West End about 11.10am.

"The group that got out of that car got into a second car and that's driven off and continued on … (a) dangerous driving spree," a spokesman said.

"That was dumped behind the (Mater) Hospital and then the group in that car has then gone on foot behind Balls Lane, and that's where one was taken into custody."

Jason Holmes, an owner of the black Jeep, dumped at the Mater Hospital said he had been receiving messages and footage of his "pride and joy" driving dangerously and cutting people off around Townsville.

He said neighbours heard a car reversing and driving off very loudly, dangerously from his Burdell property about 4pm.

"I had my keys next to me on my bed … so they've actually reached over the top of me and grabbed my keys and then gone down stairs and let themselves out through the garage," Mr Holmes said.

"They've buckled the front door handle to gain entry to the house.

"The fact that they actually came into the house while we were sleeping (was frightening) you hear about it, but you don't actually know what it feels like until it happens to you.

"I'm upset, angry because (my car) is pride and joy."

Mr Holmes said police found syringes, drug utensils and cigarettes in his car.

Police are still searching for other members of the group.

Johnson escaped from the Townsville low security prison farm on Monday night.

He was serving six years behind bars for driving causing death after he pleaded guilty for his actions in Bowen District Court in 2016.

Johnson was the third prisoner to escape from the low security facility in 12 months.

In the wake of the latest escape, the Townsville Correctional Centre was accused of understaffing at the low-security facility.

The Queensland Corrective Services said the facility was completely staffed at the time of the escape.

Prisoners who escape face additional sanctions such as being charged with the offence of escape from lawful custody and being returned to a high security facility.