Prisoner bashes officer after abusive phone call

A CUSTODIAL officer has been bashed by a prisoner at a Brisbane jail after he told the inmate off about an abusive phone call.

The Courier-Mail has been told the prisoner punched the officer multiple times in the head after the incident today in a residential unit at Wolston jail.

The prisoner had been talking to his partner on a phone call but had been abusive which prompted the officer to tell him to change his manner.

It's understood the officer has been taken to hospital and that the prisoner may be moved to another jail.

Officers have now locked down the jail and are refusing to let prisoners out of their cells until custodial staff are given more equipment such as gas to deal with prisoners.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokeswoman confirmed the officer was assaulted and had head injuries.

"The officer was assessed at the prison's health centre before being taken to a local medical practice for treatment and returned to the centre before going off duty," she said in a statement.

"The prisoner involved in the assault was immediately transferred to the detention unit before being relocated to a different prison, where he remains in the DU (detention unit). The assault will be investigated by CSIU (Queensland Police Corrective Services Investigation Unit).

The spokeswoman said prisons were dynamic environments and officers were the "the true front line of public safety in Queensland".

"Officer safety is our absolute priority, however it is impossible to eliminate all risk when engaging with some of the most complex and challenging people in society," she said.

"We will continue to work closely with our staff and their industrial representatives to ensure they have the appropriate equipment, training and support to perform their duties as safely as possible."

Together Union industrial services director Michael Thomas said officers were fed up.

"They are locked down at the moment on the basis that the department needs to do something," he said.
"At the moment people just keep getting assaulted.

"It is not OK to go to work and be assaulted.

"It is not OK for the government to say that's OK.

"It's not OK for the government and the department to do nothing about the working conditions for officers that means they are getting assaulted every week."