VIDEO: Professional ‘nit pickers’ tackle itchy critters

JUST thinking about head lice can make your head itchy.

But if your kids come home scratching their heads, never fear, Exterma Nitz is here.

Two Rockhampton mothers have teamed up to tackle head lice after growing tired of dealing with case after case of infestation in the hair of their own children.

Leanne Scantlebury and Tracey Schubert started local business Exterma Nitz in May to help other frustrated mothers rid nits from their lives.

"We're mothers that are trying to help other mothers out there that have the same problem and can't get on top of the head lice," Ms Scantlebury said.

She said the Queensland climate made the issue a constant battle.

"Last year we were getting notes home from school every couple of weeks to say head lice were present in the classroom."

Head lice are contracted from head-to-head contact so Ms Scantlebury said if kids were sitting on the carpet at school in a big group together they're going to spread head lice.

"At home, if you go in for a big cuddle with your little one, next thing you know you're itching as well."

Ms Scantlebury and Ms Schubert say they are the only "professional nit pickers" in Rockhampton, with the next closest service in Townsville.

Ms Schubert said natural, safe products were used to effectively get the job done.

"We work from home or can visit clients at their house," Ms Schubert said.

"At the moment we are using natural products such as tea tree oil, coconut oil and conditioner.

"For short hair, the process will take about an hour whereas for long hair it can take up to two hours. We continue the treatment once a week until the nits are all gone."

I bet you're scratching your head right now.



 Safe, natural products

 Short hair $20, long hair $25

 Contact Leanne on 0467 025 667 or Tracey on 0458 094 081