PROTESTERS have blockaded the Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay on the Gold Coast.

Wearing shirts and holding signs declaring "No Justice, No Games", the group is protesting the colonisation of Australia.

It says the royal family - represented by Charles and Camilla, who touched down a short time ago - must ask to be on "stolen" Australian land.

More details on the protest at the Gold Coast Bulletin

Protesters halted the Queen's baton this morning: Picture Jerard Williams
Protesters halted the Queen's baton this morning: Picture Jerard Williams

"Today what we wanted to do was to make it clear to the mob, make it clear to the world and make it clear to our people that we're standing strong," a protester told Channel 7.

"And we don't want nothing of the Commonwealth here. They've stolen the land, built this country on stolen wages, built this country on the blood and bones of our people.

"And it's about time that history is acknowledged and about time that the royal families who are responsible for it all - that they come down here and get at our level and ask to be here on our country. That's what needs to happen."

The protest - which has included a sit-in all morning at The Spit - was organised by a national committee that includes members of the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) and the Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy.

There are also plans to protest outside Carrara ahead of tonight's opening ceremony.

The protest was advertised on Facebook and has more than 200 registered as attending. The group says it will protest for the entire Games period at Broadbeach, with "demonstrations, public forums and discussions" with showers and kitchen facilities provided by the group that calls for "passion and power" from attendees.

"Each time 'Australia' has hosted the games, thousands of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders as well as other groups who have been oppressed by the crown have united to resist colonial activity and authority," the Facebook event reads.

It appears to have occurred where Olympic kayaker and Gold Coast lifesaver Ken Wallace was due to take the baton.