Kemp breached his supervision order less than three months after he was let out of jail. (File)
Kemp breached his supervision order less than three months after he was let out of jail. (File) John Weekes/NewsRegional

'Psychopathic' rapist took umbrage at phone seizure

A RAPIST who breached his supervision order by taking drugs has blamed the stress he felt after having his cellphone seized.

Rockhampton's Michael Shane Kemp, 48, was released on February 27 under a sex offender supervision order.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Kemp tested positive for amphetamine, ice and marijuana less than three months later.

On Monday, Justice Debra Mullins said Kemp admitted buying $100 of speed and sharing a joint with his drug supplier two days before the test.

"His explanation for the drug use was that he was experiencing stress" after police child protection specialists seized his phone, the judge said.

The court heard the phone exam was incomplete, initial findings were inconclusive, but it was unlikely any concerning material would be retrieved.

Justice Mullins said three psychiatrists assessing Kemp found he had antisocial personality disorder and his sex offences were directly linked to alcohol and drug abuse.

One psychiatrist said Kemp had "underlying psychopathic traits" but no mental illness, and no paraphilia disorder or pedophilia.

That psychiatrist suggested Kemp had "low frustration tolerance" and impulsivity, which were already identified as treatment targets.

The "perceived injustice" of the phone seizure possibly triggered Kemp's impulsive drug-taking, the court heard.

The Attorney-General's counsel said evidence suggested the community could be protected with the existing supervision order.

So no further action was taken against Kemp.

"You've just got to work really hard at making sure that you comply," Justice Mullins told Kemp.

"You just cannot use alcohol or any illicit drug."

Kemp said he now understood that.

A decade ago, Kemp was jailed for 10 years after raping a 16-year-old in North Rockhampton.

Six years earlier he had dragged the girl from a car, raped her, then reportedly said: "You are lucky - do you know what I could have done to you?"

Kemp was aware he had hepatitis C at the time.

In Queensland, jailed sex offenders due to be released can be given parole with supervision, continued detention, or supervision orders. -NewsRegional