Quarter Horse Racing coming to Gympie

IT IS said that a journey of 1000 miles beings with one step, but for Allan Murnane it is very much the other way around.

In his world, the journey of a quarter mile begins with a million details, each of them a vital step on the journey to giving Gympie one of the most exciting horse racing industries in the world.

But the fast-moving world of racing is only the visible product of a long slog of details.

The introduction of American-style quarter horse racing to Australia is a project with a million facets, each of them representing at least one interest group and an interlocking series of meetings and undertakings.

Queensland Quarter Horse Racing chairman, Allan Murnane says his fast racing project has been slowed down for another year by some of the details of what he freely admits is an "absolutely massive" project.

"But we're getting there day by day, seven days a week," he told The Gympie Times yesterday.

"There are still a lot of balls in the air and a lot of things to consider, but we're making good progress.

"We're especially happy with the wagering end of the operation, which is very important.

"The wagering contributes to the prize money and the interest of sponsors.

"Once you get the prize pool organised you've got the basis of a viable sustainable racing industry.

"There are many things to be considered, including how aspects of the industry work.

"Governments take these issues very seriously and getting these things right has a lot to do with the integrity of what you are doing.

"You also have obligations about how the animals are treated and the registration and licensing of the people involved.

"Another aspect is the land and how we make things work on the site.

"There are important considerations about breeding, certification, integrity safeguards.

"We've been involved in it for many years and it's growing every day.

"For every detail, we look at all types of options.

"It's just too good a thing for it not to happen.

"Everyone who looks at it asks how it's going, when there will be jobs.

"Everyone is supportive and enthusiastic and we're pulling it together day by day," he said.

The project also includes a hotel, convention centre and equine centre of excellence.