Christopher Pyne cracks down on ex-pat HECS dodgers

EX-PAT Aussies are facing a HECS debt crackdown.

Australians living overseas can make voluntary HECS repayments to the Australian Tax Office.

But a change in federal law will mean they have to make the payments.

Education and Training Minister Christopher Pyne said the crackdown would stop ex-pats from ripping off the Federal Government and add $140 million to the nation's coffers over 10 years.

Mr Pyne said Australian graduates living offshore to make HECS payments when they earned above $53,000 from July, 2017.

"Currently, because graduates living overseas don't have to do an Australian tax return, there is no way to know if they are earning above the threshold that triggers HECS repayments and many get off Scott-free," Mr Pyne said in a media release.

"Others come back to a debt that has been accruing interest at CPI rates while they are away.

"Our plan will enforce the same HECS repayment obligations on Australians living overseas that apply to those who remain on our shores."