Stock photo of Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL), Gladstone.
Stock photo of Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL), Gladstone. Matt Taylor GLA280219QAL

QAL working hard towards gender equality

QUEENSLAND Alumina Limited is continuing to engage women in the workplace and further gender equality across all tasks.

The industry giant employs women in a number of hands-on and support roles from entry-level to leadership positions.

QAL general manager Mike Dunstan said women made up an important part of the refinery's workforce.

"Women fulfil many different roles at QAL from apprentices and trainee operators to superintendents and managers leading teams of more than 50 people," he said.

"We realise that to have the best skills to support QAL's future we need people from all backgrounds, experiences and gender.

"Out of a 930-strong workforce, 143 are women.

"We are focused on improving this number so we can have increased diversity of ideas, skills and people across the refinery."