Qantas lifts security to help fight against threat of IS

QANTAS has lifted security for its flights out of the Philippines, banning the purchase of liquids from airside duty free shops in capital Manila and conducting its own "last line" bag searches amid fears ISIS jihadists could try to use the direct route to return to Australia or carry out an airborne act of terror.

The move follows an insurgency into that country by foreign-led terrorists who since May 23 have occupied a major city in the country's south leading to more than 550 deaths and the displacement of 200,000 people as the militants attempt to establish a new Islamic State front in South East Asia, the Courier Mail reports.

Many of the estimated 50 foreign fighters involved in that conflict including from the Middle East and Malaysia, flew into the country to capture the city on regular commercial flights.

It also comes as News Corp can reveal Australian Border Force has been quietly dispatching officers to key air hubs all around the world, including Manila, to look at interdiction of those that pose a threat to national security and others such as Eastern European crime gangs and Outlaw Motor Cycle Groups (OMCG).