May the force be with you: QLD cops want a name change

WHAT is in a name? A lot if you ask Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers who has re-ignited a push to see the law enforcement organisation revert to being called the Queensland Police Force. 

The organisation was renamed the Queensland Police Service in 1990 following the Fitzgerald inquiry into high-level police corruption in a bid to win back public confidence after former Police Commissioner Terry Lewis was convicted and jailed for corruption. 

Mr Leavers said on Monday he believed the majority of Queenslanders would support the proposed name change.

"This is a campaign that we have had going for a while and I believe the time is now right for a change," he said. "Policing has changed dramatically over the past two decades and I believe the word 'force' is more fitting. 

"The costs associated with changing the name would be absolutely minimal." 

Mr Leavers said a name change was one of a number of things he would be campaigning for this year.   "Another thing we will be pushing for this year is to increase the technology available to officers," he said. 

"It will cost a bit to implement initially, but it will be beneficial in the long-term. 

"It will get officers out of the station and on to the streets to further protect the community." 

Mr Leavers said he would like to see government departments step up to the plate this year and support police instead of relying on officers to do their jobs for them. 

"From a policing perspective we need all government departments to step up to the mark this year," he said.

"On too many occasions government departments rely on officers to do their work for them. 

"Just because it is the holiday season do the departments think issues like child abuse or domestic violence stop?

"If anything, the holiday season is the time of year when those departments should be open." 

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said he welcomed public debate in relation to any proposed name change, but any change would not be made lightly. 

Which do you prefer: Queensland Police Service or Queensland Police Force?

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