Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt
Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt Contributed

QLD politics descends into cartoon battle

THE LNP is being run by "Fred Flintstone" according to Labor treasurer Curtis Pitt - but his shadow has told him to stop watching cartoons.

Speaking after the announcement of $225 million to fund the government's Advance Queensland project, Mr Pitt said  Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls and Opposition Treasurer Scott Emerson were ignoring technologies of the future and leaving the state in the Stone Age.

"What we have in the LNP is Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in of course the Opposition and they want to keep us in the stone ages," he said.

"This is about our government being a forward-thinking government and ensuring that we are taking this by the horns and taking this very much as a leader."

But Mr Emerson pointed to an error Mr Pitt made last week in explaining surcharge of foreign home buyers to return fire. 

"I'll leave the name-calling to Curtis Pitt, but given his massive blunder last week I suggest he spends less time watching Saturday morning cartoons and more time doing his maths homework," he said.

The Queensland Budget will be handed down on Tuesday. - ARM NEWSDESK