The Queensland Greens are targeting the Premier over the death of the dance floor.
The Queensland Greens are targeting the Premier over the death of the dance floor.

Queensland Greens' urge mass rebellion on lockout laws

THE Queensland Greens have issued a 'call to arms' to fight lockout laws which came in following shocking examples of one punch deaths.

On the eve of Remembrance Day, the Greens have tweeted out a 'call to arms', urging supporters to rally at 3am on November 25.

They want us all to turn up our speakers and play the Twister Sister classic "We're Not Going to Take It''.

"If we can't go to licensed venues, would the public prefer we take the Valley to the suburbs, I think not,'' the Facebook post says.

This from the party that wants to give us more public holidays.

"It's time to take a stand, we live in a 24/hour society with working lights and there's nothing inherently wrong with preferring to socialise in the early hours of the morning over any other time.

"As a night-shift worker, I'm usually in bed as the sun comes up and ready to start before the sun sets,'' the post from Dillon Serra says.

"Yet while it's okay for me to operate heavy machinery and be taxed at these hours, it's not safe for me to be served at a licensed venue,

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The Brisbane Bartenders Network has joined the crusade.

"So it's Friday! Drop in at your local Bar and grab a Tipple of your choice! Take a moment today however to think more deeply about that cold beer or tasty wine.

"Think about the jobs the Bar creates, not just directly for the Bar Staff, managers, glassy's, wait staff or security, but the brewer, or the wine maker or distiller and all of the staff they employ.

"And the farmers who grow the grapes, the hops or malt, the botanicals in your gin or the edible flowers or herbs or juices in your cocktail! Some of those farming artisans still grow those grapes years after announcing their retirement…

"The hospitality industry is the epicentre of small business job creation and all of those jobs are at risk when governments press policy levers they truly do not understand! Now that took a while - go get yourself another round and savour the skills that flow through every drop!"

The Greens' post goes on to say: "So I urge all those who despise authoritarian rules designed to punish the group for the actions of the few, to carefully consider your vote in the upcoming election."

Both the Greens and LNP have indicated that they will remove the lockout laws if elected.