The state's prisons are overcrowding, prompting concerns over assaults on staff and inmates.
The state's prisons are overcrowding, prompting concerns over assaults on staff and inmates. Alistair Brightman

Queensland jails in crisis talks over prison assaults

PRISON staff hope crisis talks with the government will prevent strikes at the state's overcrowded jails after repeated officer assaults.

The Courier Mail reports five officers were taken to hospital after a prisoner assault at Maryborough Correctional Centre on Tuesday, with officers spat on and blood splattered on them.

The jail was put into lockdown after the assault.

Prison officers want batons and capsicum spray and say doubling-up, in which prisoners must share cells with one sleeping on a mattress on the floor, has caused increased assaults.

There are 8440 prisoners in jails, about 1500 prisoners over capacity.

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The state's prisons have been chronically overcrowded since 2012, with inmate numbers steadily rising every year.

The Courier Mail reported prison officers wanted a faster rollout of bunk beds to alleviate the anger from inmates forced to share cells built for one person.

The cells are designed for only one person, and inmates who are double-bunking must sleep on a mattress on the floor with their head next to the cell's in-built toilet to allow for routine checks at night.

Installing a bunk bed in the single-inmate cells costs an estimated $10,000 per cell.

The attack at Maryborough prison, which was the subject of a coronial inquest over the brutal murder of a young inmate, comes after a series of escapes in the state's northern prisons.

One man escaped the low-security farm attached to Capricornia Correctional Centre on Thursday.  He was recaptured by the prison's dog squad within minutes, QCS told The Morning Bulletin.

Two men escaped together from the farm on May 27 and fled to Brisbane. They were eventually recaptured the following day.

Another prisoner escaped from the same facility on March 19.

Another man escaped from the same place on February 20.