Gladstone lockout law drama: Councillors in battle for debate

CHANGES to the nightclub lockout laws were the only issue questioned in Gladstone Regional council's general meeting yesterday.

All councillors had voiced their concerns on other topics in the committee meetings.

What do you think of the proposed lockout laws?

But the lockout laws were singled out by councillor PJ Sobhanian, who had attended the Safe Night Precinct community meeting on Monday.

He suggested the council take up the State government's invitation to comment on the changes to the laws.

The proposed changes are that some places would stop serving alcohol at 2am and have no lockout. Other places could apply to serve alcohol until 3am but have a 1am lockout.

Cr Sobhanian wanted the council to write to the government advising it had no objection to granting clubs the second option.

But this was met with caution, particularly by Cr Cindi Bush, who did not want to be involved in state laws.

"The more we let in (State Government issues) then suddenly they become our problems," she said.

Councillors voted in favour of not commenting.