Rapist caught after telling cops ‘come get me’

A DANGEROUS sex offender who was on the run from authorities after allegedly ditching his tracking device in Queensland has been arrested.

Damien Kennedy, 28, who was on supervised release after serving jail time for rape and assault with intent to commit rape, was arrested in Wollongong after allegedly cutting off his ankle bracelet and fleeing on Monday.

In a post on Facebook this afternoon, Queensland Corrective Services said: "Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) can confirm that Damien KENNEDY, supervised under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 (DPSOA), has been arrested and taken into custody.

"QCS and Queensland Police Service thank the community for their efforts in spreading awareness around this incident."

Before his arrest he was last tracked at Salisbury, south of the Brisbane, at about 4pm on Monday.

He then allegedly removed his electronic monitoring bracelet and went on the run.

Around 12 hours later he posted a message on Facebook saying he is in Rockhampton, taunting police with the words: "Come get me morther f***ers (sic)".

Police said they were aware of the post.

Court documents seen by The Courier-Mail show Kennedy is a dangerous criminal who bashed a 49-year-old sex worker in 2007 before threatening her life with a pair scissors during a violent rape he committed at the age of 18.

In December last year, a judge declared Kennedy was "a serious danger to the community".

During his sentencing hearing for rape and assault with intent to commit rape in 2008, a prosecutor revealed harrowing details about the afternoon he attacked the sex worker.

"He grabbed her around the neck and pushed her towards the lounge room, or the lounge. They struggled," the prosecutor said.

"He continued punching her, hitting her and grabbing her around the head and upper body until she fell to the ground. He straddled her and was now again groping the top of his pants. He produced a pair of scissors, with one blade more pointy than the other."

Kennedy had lied to the woman and told her his name was Jerry.

Convicted rapist Damien Kennedy once raped a woman while holding a pair of scissors to her throat.
Convicted rapist Damien Kennedy once raped a woman while holding a pair of scissors to her throat.

After the crime, Kennedy apologised to her for what he had done.

According to the court document, Kennedy grew up in a "toxic family environment" around a mother who was a drug fiend and dealer.

A psychiatrist told the court in 2008 that Kennedy was "psychotic" at the time of the rape due to a combination of substance abuse and a lack of sleep.

Another expert declared Kennedy was a moderate to high chance of violently reoffending.

Along with his rape and assault with intent to commit rape convictions, Kennedy was jailed in 2008 for fraud and stealing offences.

In total he was ordered to serve more than nine years in jail, but he became eligible for parole in November 2010.

In the past, Kennedy has also been charged with stealing, wilful damage, common assault, possession of tainted property, possession of cannabis, possession of utensils, burglary, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and evading fares.

He was first imprisoned as an adult at the age of 17 years for offences including burglary and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.