NOT IN MY BACKYARD: Jim Dodrill has fought a long battle against dumps in Ipswich.
NOT IN MY BACKYARD: Jim Dodrill has fought a long battle against dumps in Ipswich. Rob Williams

Ratepayers back Pyne's anti-corruption crusade

LOCAL Government Association of Queensland CEO Greg Hallam has launched a scathing attack of his own in the wake of the sensational allegations levelled at former mayor Paul Pisasale.

Mr Hallam says controversial Cairns MP Rob Pyne's tabling of a dirt file on Mr Pisasale and other individuals not directly connected to Ipswich City Council will only serve to make him a "political pariah".

After tabling the documents under parliamentary privilege on Wednesday, Mr Pyne submitted further documents yesterday.


ESSENTIAL: Local Goverment Assocation of Queensland chief exectuive officer Greg Hallam says transparency is important.
COWARDLY: Local Goverment Assocation of Queensland CEO Greg Hallam has hit out at MP Rob Pyne. contributed

Mr Hallam accused Mr Pyne of acting like a "naughty little boy throwing his toys out of the cot".

"Neither side of politics will touch him because of his outrageous and indulgent behaviour," Mr Hallam said.

"He is no crusader against corruption; if he was, he would have gone straight to the CCC or the police.

"He is simply a sensational headline seeker enjoying a fleeting five minutes of attention, who cowers behind parliamentary privilege to dish up unsubstantiated tripe handed to him by a group of fellow travellers who are disaffected by their local council and have formed a series of interlinked Facebook pages and websites across the state to vent their spleen."

Mr Hallam had his own theories on who was responsible for presenting Mr Pyne with the dirt file.

One of the organisations named by Mr Hallam was the Ipswich Ratepayer's and Resident's Association, which denied any involvement in the initial information tabled on Wednesday.

Some of the additional information tabled by Mr Pyne in parliament yesterday was in fact tabled with permission from the IRRA. The group's president, Jim Dodrill, said his group supported what Mr Pyne was doing.

"If Rob Pyne is highlighting misconduct and corruption in local councils then we support him," Mr Dodrill said.

"We know there is misconduct and corruption across the state in local councils, and this is happening to the detriment of the community."

A significant portion of the IRRA information pertained to noxious smells created by waste and recycling industry at Swanbank and New Chum; widely recognised as an ongoing problem for Ipswich.