APRIL FOOLS: Rates cash to be kept in Greater Springfield

GREATER Springfield ratepayers will see a percentage of their annual rates go towards developing infrastructure in their local area.

An agreement between Springfield Land Corporation and Ipswich City Council will ensure a minimum of 40% of rates remain within the suburb.


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The Greater Springfield Advancement Fund will support projects in the Springfield area with money that would have previously been dispersed throughout Ipswich.

GSAF spokesperson April Einwitz said the move was supported by the majority of Springfield residents.

"We are aiming for Greater Springfield to be designated as an official city which is completely separate from Ipswich City Council by 2030, the GSAF is a vital step in this process," she said.

The move is expected to take $350 million out of Ipswich City Council's budget, leaving some councillors secretly seething.

Council has announced plans to introduce fees for access to children's play equipment in public parks to make up for the shortfall. The GSAF will be implemented from July 1, 2015.