Ted Mitchell
Ted Mitchell Renee Albrecht

Rattler still needs its volunteers, says ex manager Ted

TED Mitchell's investment in the Mary Valley Rattler is not something that can be counted, weighed or measured.

He says it is the kind of investment the people of Dagun have made over many years.

Mr Mitchell volunteered from the start and became workshop manager and then general manager of the MVHR.

This week he called on the Rattler Railway Company to take note of the concerns of volunteers, including the people of Dagun and Amamoor.

He was commenting on news that the new-look Rattler will no longer stop at Dagun.

"I live at Southside but I feel so sorry for the Dagun people, with how much they've done,” Mr Mitchell said.

"It's just my opinion, but I think this is all wrong.

"I think the Dagun people should have been looked after.

"Years ago, when it first started, they worked their butts off.

"You have all that effort people put in and now they're told the train isn't stopping there.

"They are just a good group of people that put everything into this. If I was one of those people, I'd lose interest.”

Mr Mitchell admits to being sentimental about trains, steam engines and the people he has worked with.

But he says that is the kind of emotion that binds volunteers together.

"And they still need volunteers,” he said.