The Mary Valley Rattler's return is driving wedges across the community.
The Mary Valley Rattler's return is driving wedges across the community.

Rattler: the train that split the town

PROMISED as a guiding light, Rudolph's nose for Gympie, the Rattler is sadly on its way to being the region's Grand Canyon instead.

In other words: a tourism attraction with an amazing ability to divide.

Because divide it has.

Gail Anderson:

Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in 2007, amazing.

Photo Contributed
The Grand Canyon, which is one of the few things which divides better than the Rattler. Contributed

Start with the business community and the (fairly or not) rumblings the station's cafe has a competitive advantage.

Then there's the one in the Mary Valley. The Dagun community and RRC have both decried the accuracy of each other's statements about the axing of the station from the train's schedule - a truly remarkable achievement given they were the only two parties at that meeting.

And there's the council rift over the report into the split the train created with the public.

Rattler's first run - Saturday October 6, 2018.
The Rattler at Amamoor. Donna Jones

If councillors are wondering when they can read it, what date can the public expect to?

They should. Councillors are likely to point to the Rattler as a reason for or against the election of certain people. For the public not to have all the details is like giving them 3D glasses and then poking one of their eyes out.

Worse, legal issues are often locked away from the public.

And we all know the only thing which can drag better than a court case is Priscilla.

The public report could wind up missing important details, a Where's Wally without the red-and-white-striped star.

If you've ever felt the frustration of not finding Wally, you know how that'll end.