READER'S VIEW: Australia Post a waste of time and money

AUSTRALIA Post should be given the WOFTAM Award, which translates to 'Waste Of Flipping Time and Money' - although sometimes flipping is substituted for another word.

On June 1, I deposited a birthday cheque from my brother in Brisbane into Visa but the silly duffer forgot to top up that particular account and the cheque bounced.

I knew about this a day later when he phoned to tell me, but on June 14 I received a letter dated June 2 from Westpac in Sydney advising me to get in touch with the cheque's sender.

It took 12 days for a letter to come from Sydney to Rocky. This is normal now.

This is how long anything is going to take, because on June 13 I bought a small flat lightweight item on eBay which is still coming from Kiama, 79km south of Wollongong.

Estimated date for delivery shows up as between 27-29 June 27-29. That is 14-16 days to get here.

Isn't our postal service doing well? Install someone at the top with a multi-million dollar salary and a name no-one can pronounce and watch the whole thing go flying downhill like a car with no hand brake.

T. Robertson

The Range