Leanne Hutcheson with Peking Express contestants Frederic and Jessica.
Leanne Hutcheson with Peking Express contestants Frederic and Jessica. Contributed

Reality TV comes to Mur'bah

A MURWILLUMBAH woman had some surprise house guests on Saturday when the French version of the Amazing Race reality television show hit the town.

The Peking Express features various couples who face the challenge of hitchhiking around foreign countries with just one Euro per day to spend.

Leanne Hutcheson was visiting her son at work at the Murwillumbah KFC where contestants Frederic and Jessica had managed to convince someone to buy them a meal.

She said she was blown away when her son nudged her, pointing to the camera man in the store.

"Would you believe it?" Ms Hutcheson said.

"They explained to me that they only had one Euro no matter what country they were in, which is nothing in Australia, and that they needed to find somewhere for the night or they were on the street.

"So I invited them home.

"Go figure!

"In your wildest dreams would you ever think you'd be hosting a couple from the Amazing Race?"

She said Saturday was the contestants' first day in Australia.

"They were asking us to see a kangaroo. It was so funny the closest thing we had was my sons carpet snake," Ms Hutcheson said.

"They were just so lovely to talk to."

Ms Hutcheson's sister drove the couple to Nimbin the following day.

The Northern Star reported contestants had made their way through Byron Bay and Casino this week and were headed on to Tenterfield, Tamworth and Lightning Ridge.

This season of the show is a form of finale featuring the favourite contestants from previous seasons of the show.