Rebecca Wilkinson has lost 33 kilos in one year and plans on keeping fit.
Rebecca Wilkinson has lost 33 kilos in one year and plans on keeping fit. Nicola Brander

Rebecca's punching above her weight

AUSTRALIAN women are blowing a staggering half a billion dollars trying to get into shape at the start of each new year and most never get anywhere near their goals.

But one woman who has defied the odds is Caloundra mother-of-two Rebecca Wilkinson.

The 29-year-old has jogged, boxed and kicked off 33 kilograms in the past 12 months and she is not done yet.

Rebecca was one of almost half (49%) of Australian women who made New Year's resolutions to manage their weight and health better last year and this year it is still at the top of her list.

"You have to do it for yourself and be kind to yourself," she said.

"There is no miracle cure for being overweight. You can't buy into gimmicks which promise you instant weight loss. You have to work hard.

"If you fall off the wagon, don't dwell on it, move on. Eat better and train harder."

When Rebecca started her weight loss quest she weighed 118kg and this week she walked down the beach in a bikini.

"I wouldn't have done that 12 months ago," she said.

"I feel secure about my weight now and have my confidence back."

She said her husband loved the fact "the old Rebecca was back".

"I let pregnancy, comfort food and no exercise determine my weight," she said.

"I now enjoy training and playing sport. It is part of my life."

SculptLife Sunshine Coast Personal Training owner Bianca Aiono said failing to achieve weight loss goals came from people putting unrealistic expectations on themselves and trying to rush the process.

"Don't expect to lose seven kilos in seven days and then be able to maintain this. Health and fitness mean working at it continuously," she said.

Ms Aiono said that sometimes weight problems were psychological or environmental.

"There is more to getting fit and healthy than changing your diet and exercising," she said.

"It is as much to do with having a balanced life as eating healthy and working out."

Rebecca said although she did not aim for a goal weight, she knew what she wanted to look like.

"It is probably about 10kg off what I weigh now," she said.

"People wanting to lose weight need to make realistic goals and stay motivated.

"No one can make you eat healthy and exercise.

"It all comes down to how much you want it."

BEFORE AND AFTER: Bianca Aino (right) puts Rebecca Williamson through tough routines last year (left) and this year ... to marked effect.