Red Bull Rapids comes to Australia

UP for a challenge? Keen to show off your inventiveness and teamwork skills while manoeuvring your way down 150m of insane waterways?  

Welcome to Red Bull Rapids, a brand new contest inviting groups of mates to build their own rafts that are water-worthy enough to survive grade three whitewater rapids, with only the cleverest and most courageous teams set to triumph.  

Red Bull Rapids challenges groups of up to six friends to design and build their very own homemade boats capable of withstanding the crazy conditions at Penrith Whitewater Rafting Stadium, NSW. The vessel that gets down the rapids the quickest (without capsizing) and has the most innovative design will be crowned winner.  

The inaugural event in Australia will take place in Penrith on Sunday 4th December, with 30 spots on the water up for grabs.   The triumphant team will win an awesome whitewater rafting trip worth $8,000.  

The Australian event follows the international debut of Red Bull Rapids in Nottingham, UK, which took place last month with hilarious results.  

To enter and gain one of the coveted 30 spots in the contest, teams must sketch a design of their proposed floating device and submit the names of their team members by November 15.  

Teams must register at Red Bull and download the design manual. All vessels must be human powered and team members must be 16 years or over to enter.  

For further details and full terms and conditions, check out Red Bull.  

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