Storm chasers are warning of 'severe' hail storms that will look like 'snow' on the Sunshine Coast today.

Residents are advised to be wary of what Higgins Storm Chasing are calling a "severe" weather threat and predict the hail to look like "snow".

The Sunshine Coast copped a drenching last week and similar conditions are expected.

"South east Queensland and north east NSW are seeing the potential for one of the more active hail days of the storm season as a cold pool moved overhead on Monday," Higgins posted.

"It's not too common that we see a forecast that would be more suited for Victoria or southern NSW, over the SEQ region, but that appears to be the case for Monday.

"A very weak surface trough is forecast to become positioned along or near the ranges.

Hail storms and showers are predicted for the Sunshine Coast today and through out this week.
Hail storms and showers are predicted for the Sunshine Coast today and through out this week. Brisbane Storm Chasers Homepage

"This will continue to produce an onshore flow over both areas during the day and this will combine with strong upper trough moving directly overhead.

"This set-up means that any storms that do develop are likely to contain hail, and given the slow movement we could easily see noticeable hail accumulations directly under storms where it could hail for 15 or 20 minutes and cover the entire ground making it look like snow.

"There is a chance of some severe cells too, which could lead to localised areas of large hail. Heavy bursts of rain are another threat, but the noted threat for the day is definitely hail."

The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed that storm season was not over and the potential of hail remained.

"There are already storms in an upper trough out to sea, so there is a chance of showers and storms," a BOM spokesman said.

"It is going to be more patchy, not as heavy rain as last week, not wide-spread outbreaks.

"It will be clear in the morning, and as it starts to get a bit more active in the afternoon, the showers will develop into storms."

Severe storm barrels over Coast: An intense weather system moved over the Sunshine Coast on December 5, damaging roads and train tracks and causing significant delays for commuters. Credit: Instagram/3__plusme via Storyful

The spokesperson said this activity was "not uncommon" for this time of year.

"We are slowly transitioning into autumn, so it is not entirely unusual, if there is enough instability and enough moisture there could be hail," the spokesman said.

"Every storm has that capability of hail. So if we are lucky (or unlucky) there could be hail. It depends how high and intense it gets.

"The conditions should be the same for most of this week, unstable with today the greatest chance of storms.

"It takes a little while for troughs to clear but the instability should clear for ANZAC Day."