Judy and Tony Stephens.
Judy and Tony Stephens. Leeroy Todd

Reflecting on 30 years in business

Tony and Judy Stephens share some of their memories of the past 30 years and their vision for the future of Tony Stephens Refrigeration.

EVERY year has been different, but very memorable for us.

From using a typewriter to purchasing our first mobile phone (the size of a small computer).

The unforgettable late night call-outs and turning our Violet St garage into TSR's first office and workshop.

The signwriting of our first van and the dream to one day have a fleet.

The scorching summer days and the flooded Mary River - the weather in Gympie would always set the scene for the working week ahead.

Our customers - both old and new.

We have loved providing our services to the region and cannot thank our loyal customers enough.

And most importantly, our staff.

Our staff over the last 30 years have brought us so many memories. We've celebrated the good times and battled through the rough times.

Without great staff TSR would not be where we are today.

The future looks bright for TSR.

Our plans are to continue to provide excellent service to our community.

We are embracing new-aged technology and are committed to keeping our finger on the pulse.

It's exciting to see that the younger generation are keen to learn about the industry we love.

Tony and Judy Stephens