ONE of Brisbane's religous leaders has threatened to stand in front of bulldozers to stop the Adani Coal mine.

Speaking at a "Carols for the earth" concert in Brisbane on Saturday night, the Dean of St Peter's Cathedral Brisbane Very Rev Dr Peter Catt made the call for people of all faiths to take the same step.

"As a Christian, caring for creation means putting our care into practice," he said.

"If necessary, I will stand in front of Adani bulldozers to make political leaders take our climate emergency seriously."

Dr Catt said that proper political channels had failed, and have failed for some times, and asked what else could be done.

"We're in the middle of a climate emergency. Scientists tell us we have only have 12 years before catastrophic climate change will overtake us," he said.

He referenced recent protests by thousands of children who called for bold and urgent action and said it was time as people of faith to add their voices.

The Brisbane dean was also a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, speaking for the yes cause in the plebiscite.

Dr Catt is a member of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change who posted vision of Dr Catt's plea to their Facebook.

Around the country, and also in New Zealand as part of a campaign called "Carols against coals", Christian choirs are changing the words to traditional Christmas carols, including Joy to the world becoming "Cool down the world" and Silent Night having a "smoky night" instead of holy.