Resident calls police after spotting drone near yard

A CONCERNED West Gladstone resident called police yesterday after she thought a drone was capturing footage of her family swimming in their backyard pool.

Jennifer Dakuna was swimming with her son and husband around 2pm when she said they saw a drone flying above their home, near Chanel College.

Worried about their privacy, Ms Dakuna phoned police.

"The drone was not an aerial shot, it stopped and hovered in the same spot for a minute or two and we felt it was a violation of our privacy," she said.

But the incident was resolved after the man told police he was capturing footage for the Liberal National Party's election campaign.

The man showed police photos taken from the drone.

A spokesperson for Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd said the drone was used to take photos of the possible election day polling booth locations,

This included footage of the potential Chanel College location.

They said the photos were not of any residents' backyards, nor did it identify anyone.

But Ms Dakuna said the man should have informed residents of the drone.

In Queensland drones cannot be flown more than 120m above the ground, within 30m of people, at night or within 4.4km of controlled aerodromes if the drone weighs more than 100g. For information visit