Gympie Council 2018 Hilary Smerdon, Dan Stewart, Glen Hartwig, Bob Leitch, Mick Curran, Bob Fredman, Mal Gear, Daryl Dodt and Mark McDonald.
Gympie Council 2018 Hilary Smerdon, Dan Stewart, Glen Hartwig, Bob Leitch, Mick Curran, Bob Fredman, Mal Gear, Daryl Dodt and Mark McDonald. Renee Albrecht

Resident says he has no confidential source of council info



IT APPEARS by his Letter to Editor, December 8, 2018, that Cr Hartwig is confused.

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Cr Glen Hartwig

While wiping tears from my eyes after reading how he helped his mate and saved us going around a detour, I then progressed into the rest of his letter where he started to make accusations about conspiracies.


I will now try and explain what happened. This may prove to Cr Hartwig that there was no conspiracy as Cr Hartwig suggests.

Rattler's first run - Saturday October 6, 2018.
Rattler's first run - Saturday October 6, 2018. Donna Jones

On November 28, 2018, Cr Hatwig made an apology to council for his non reporting of a conflict. On November 30, 2018, on Page 7, The Gympie Times printed an article regarding the same matter.

The Gympie Regional Council meeting minutes of November 28, 2018, show exactly the same. After reading all the above, I sent a Letter to the Editor at 7.23am on Monday, December 3, 2018.

Rattler' s First run - Saturday, Octer 6, 2018.
Rattler' s First run - Saturday, Octer 6, 2018. Donna Jones

I have never ever called The Gympie Times at any time and I am more than willing to provide my phone account to prove this to be correct. There is no confidential information source or conspiracy unless you claim the council minutes and Gympie Times as being the confidential source.

Wayne Plant,

Southside (Abridged)


Well kept diary

ISN'T it great to see Wayne Plant can just flick through his well kept diary and find the exact day and date when he claims Glen Hartwig voted on something to do with the Rattler?

Jill Dinneen,

Southside (Abridged)

Ag college axing puts industry at risk

LABOR'S callous decision to close Queensland's last remaining agricultural colleges will impact our regional economies and devastate communities.

Closing colleges in Longreach and Emerald is more proof that Labor does not rule for the regions and doesn't care about struggling rural communities.

Labor's Agriculture Minister Mark Furner is apparently oblivious to the fact that our agricultural industry generates more than $20 billion each year and supports more than 300,000 jobs.

My brother attended Emerald ag college and I know how well it set him up for a successful future in agriculture. It's a disgrace Labor has deliberately run the colleges into the ground so they can justify their eventual closure. Labor axed local control of the colleges, reduced funding and refused scholarship plans from the industry.

The Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges are not what they once were, but the LNP knows this can be reversed with funding and political support.

The LNP's strong track record for supporting bush communities was made clear when we completed a comprehensive review of the colleges and set about rebuilding them after years of neglect from Labor.

We turned around enrolments, introduced local control boards and reformed the colleges' operating deficits seen under Labor. The Coaldrake Report was an exercise in privatisation and Labor's decision to close these colleges is out of touch and out of line.

Labor has never wanted our ag colleges to succeed and it's failed to help them adapt to the agricultural sector's changing needs. A government I lead would back ag education to the hilt.

Deb Frecklington,

LNP Leader, Member for Nanango

Fight against stroke

ON BEHALF of local stroke survivors and the Stroke Foundation, I am thrilled to announce this year's Stride4stroke fundraising campaign has been a huge success. I want to wholeheartedly thank the almost 700 participants who challenged themselves to get active throughout November. I also want to thank the families, friends and colleagues who supported them with donations. Together you raised almost $175,000 dollars, which is a remarkable achievement.

Every dollar raised will go towards vital Stroke Foundation Programs including StrokeLine (1800 787 653) - a free advice line staffed by health professionals - and follow up services which help survivors and their families transition to life after stroke.

Sharon McGowan,

CEO Stroke Foundation