Craig Warhurst

Residents are guiding Gympie's future

GYMPIE residents are making their voices heard in the Queensland Plan, which invites the public to help shape a 30-year vision for Queensland.

Of the almost 300 men, Gympie region women and children who have gone online to have their say so far, the biggest proportion has been the "iGeneration", boys and girls aged 16 years, or younger.

The next biggest group of participants is the Baby Boomers, aged 48-67 years, and the least represented group throughout the region so far is Generation Y, those aged 17-32 years.

In the survey, when asked how to best move the focus of the community from "me" to "we", responses varied from providing more support to individuals, to creating a common community vision and creating a greater sense of community involvement through things like block parties and community get togethers.

The question on structuring Queensland's economy to ensure a resilient future also drew a number of suggestions.

So far, 10% of respondents said the job market should be strengthened, 10% said support and promote small business, 9% said better education was needed and 8% said focus on agriculture and primary production.

When asked about ways the state can achieve sustainable landscapes over the next 30 years, respondents said protecting the environment, and creating green corridors, must be a priority.

They also suggested finding sustainable energy and pollution solutions, and managing population growth through such things as high density housing solutions, satellite cities and suburban hubs.

The Queensland Plan is a grass roots collaborative process that will set the long-term vision for the state.