The apartment fire at Whitecaps apartments, 28 Miles St, Kirra.
The apartment fire at Whitecaps apartments, 28 Miles St, Kirra. Lindsay Berry

Kirra apartment fire "non-suspicious"

Update, Octover 14, 11.02am: QUEENSLAND Police say the October 7 fire at a Miles St, Kirra apartment block has been "deemed as non-suspicious".

However, Queensland Police and Queensland Fire and Rescue spokespersons could not confirm how the fire started, despite some media reports claiming a candle burning next to a bed was the cause.


Update, October 8, 11.52am: MEDIA reports claiming the Miles St fire started due to a candle burning next to a bed on a top-level apartment have not been confirmed.

Queensland Fire and Rescue and Queensland Police spokespersons said investigations were continuing, with no cause established yet.


Initial Report, October 7, 5.44pm: AN apartment block fire at 28 Miles St, Kirra this afternoon has left five residents injured.

One person was treated for minor burns and another four for smoke inhalation, according to Queensland Police.

A witness said he heard a girl was trapped on a balcony, but that cannot be confirmed at this stage.

The fire started about 3.30pm and was under control by about 5.15pm. The street was still blocked by police and a swarm of fire trucks, police cars and ambulances were at the scene.

More than 50 people crowded across the street from the Whitecaps apartment block, including residents evacuated from the building by authorities.

Witness Lindsay Berry lives next door to the Whitecaps apartments and said flames were still licking at the window of his second story bedroom about 4.50pm.

He was in his loungeroom when the fire started.

"I was just sitting in the loungeroom and I heard this screaming and stuff, a bit of commotion, and I looked outside and I couldn't see any flames or anything to begin with and then I heard someone yell 'fire', " he said.

"I looked back out and there was small flames starting to come out of the window.

"My house started to fill with smoke and it got quite hot and humid."

Mr Berry did his best to put out the fire until authorities arrived, but the intense blaze was too much for his garden hose.

"The first thing I instinctively thought of was my place catching on so I ran out the front with the hose and tried my best to put what I could out," he said.

"I did hear someone say there was a girl stuck on one of the balconies, but I don't know, that was as much as I've heard at this stage."

Queensland Police believe the fire was not suspicious, but at this stage it is not clear how it started.